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Donate to charities by eating your favorite vegan dishes?

What if I told you you could donate to NGOs worldwide simply by eating vegan food? Well, eating and snapping a quick photo of it, but who doesn’t do that anyway? By joining the abillionveg community and sharing reviews of your favorite vegan dishes or products, you can help animals in need all over the world. Each review you write earns you $1 that you can donate to an animal charity of your choice. It’s that simple! CLICK HERE to download the app and start donating! As reference put ‘BEATLEBEL’ to be part of my abillionveg family. Happy donating!

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Vietnam by Land

Vietnam is a thin and long country. An odd description, I know, but if you look at it on the map, those are likely to be the exact words that pop up in your mind. It is such a strange shape, as countries go, that it makes it difficult to grasp its size.

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DIY Hand Sanitizer and Antiviral Oil

I won’t force you to read yet another blog post starting with “Seeing as we’re in the midsts of a global pandemic…” followed by an essay on covid-19 so let’s get straight to the point: how can you make your own hand sanitizer without the chemicals! + A bonus essential oil mix to make your life a lot more wholesome.

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Food & Medicine from Grandma’s Garden

From the garden to your plate – here are 3 of my favorite plants that you can use to nourish and heal your body. Plus they’re all easy to grow or forage if you live somewhere with a similar climate to Eastern Europe!

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