Incredible, Unpredictable India

We roam around the New Delhi Airport tired, confused and internet-less for a good hour and a half before agreeing to get in a taxi on the street in which, not just one, but two men get in, one to drive and one to tell us how we should give them a tip if we like the ride. After driving for 20 minutes, we realize we’ve been going in the wrong direction…

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Crossing the Malaysia-Thailand Land Border

Naturally crossing land borders is different than entering a country via an airport. If you’re curious as to what crossing the Malaysia – Thailand border by land is like, what you’ll need and how long it’ll take, keep reading.

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Vegan in Penang – The Cheap Way

Penang is famous for its food scene – with a mix of cuisines, the most prominent being Malay, Chinese and Indian, no foodie is left disappointed. Lucky for us, the same goes for vegans!

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Plastic-free in Malaysia: How to prepare for low-impact travel

Traveling sustainably can be difficult, especially in places where single-use plastic is very common. I know I struggled with this a little on my trip around Malaysia and some other South East Asian countries. However, with a bit of forethought you can save yourself a lot of stress and the environment – a lot of unnecessary trash.

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