Vietnam by Land

Vietnam is a thin and long country. An odd description, I know, but if you look at it on the map, those are likely to be the exact words that pop up in your mind. It is such a strange shape, as countries go, that it makes it difficult to grasp its size.

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Did I Find Myself in India?

How many Hollywood movies have you seen that depict South East Asia or India as the places where you “find yourself” and become “a better person”? Well here’s what I have to say about that.

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Incredible, Unpredictable India

We roam around the New Delhi Airport tired, confused and internet-less for a good hour and a half before agreeing to get in a taxi on the street in which, not just one, but two men get in, one to drive and one to tell us how we should give them a tip if we like the ride. After driving for 20 minutes, we realize we’ve been going in the wrong direction…

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Crossing the Malaysia-Thailand Land Border

Naturally crossing land borders is different than entering a country via an airport. If you’re curious as to what crossing the Malaysia – Thailand border by land is like, what you’ll need and how long it’ll take, keep reading.

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