Did I Find Myself in India?

How many Hollywood movies have you seen that depict South East Asia or India as the places where you “find yourself” and become “a better person”? Well here’s what I have to say about that.

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Crossing the Malaysia-Thailand Land Border

Naturally crossing land borders is different than entering a country via an airport. If you’re curious as to what crossing the Malaysia – Thailand border by land is like, what you’ll need and how long it’ll take, keep reading.

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Stories from the South Malaysian Jungle (part 1)

We woke up at 8am, packed our bags and said goodbye to our shitty hostel, the snoring men and the knife wedged between two pipes on the ceiling above our bed. It was time to leave Singapore and head to our first stop in Malaysia – a small organic farm and wellness center tucked away in a mountain in Johor.

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Hospitalized in Kuala Lumpur aka. Thank Goodness for Travel Insurance

When we embarked on our adventure less than a month ago, we had no idea we’d be using our travel insurance so soon. One moment we’re painting tulips in the mountains of Johor and the next – we’re in the most expensive hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Sometimes life finds funny ways to make your journey on this planet more interesting.

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