Who/What/Why is SustainaBel?

As my blog name might suggest, my name is Bel and I’m…well, sustainable. Or trying to be. WELL, in all honesty, my real name is Божана, or Bozhana if you can’t read Cyrillic, but Bel is who I’ve been known as for the past few years. Plus, SustainaBozhana just doesn’t have the same ring.

I have recently embarked on a land-and-sea journey through Eurasia. My non-paying career as a traveler began on August 6th 2019 when my adventurous partner Christine and I got on a plane to Athens, Greece. “Plane?” you say? “I thought this was a flight-free travel blog!” Yes, yes, you are indeed right. Our adventures around Asia are all facilitated by buses, trains, cars, bikes and legs, however, our journey began several thousand feet high. The only two flights we took were from Malta to Athens and then from Athens to Singapore. That’s it. We are not going anywhere near planes for the foreseeable future!

Apart from not flying, we aim to be as environmentally and culturally sustainable on our travels by reducing our impact on our immediate and not so immediate environment. We are doing this by avoiding plastic, palm oil and other nasties, educating ourselves on the local culture and finding ways to leave each place a little better than we found it. This is why for the bigger part of our year in Asia we are volunteering with various humanitarian and environmental projects. In fact, I am writing this from a little organic farm in the mountains of Johor, south Malaysia, aiming to provide local pesticide-free fruits and vegetables to the local people at affordable prices. Also known as our first volunteer project.

CSA Organic Farm – Johor, Malaysia

Anyway, I’m getting really carried away now but you get the gist! SustainaBel is a sustainable travel and lifestyle blog hoping to inform and entertain the conscious traveler or broke dreamer. If you’re either of those, or someone entirely different but find yourself drawn to my words, then stick around.

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